Meditation & mindful parenting at the YMCA

I will be offering a mindful parenting and meditation class again at the YMCA in Keene, NH. It starts in spring 2 (April 24-June 18th)on Thursday evenings from 7-9pm. You can sign up starting Monday April 11th:)

Meditation & Mindful parenting
This class is designed to help parents, teachers, and caregivers gain insight on how our state of mind affects our behaviors, understand the benefits of mindful parenting, the negative effects of fear based discipline, and leave with parenting techniques you can implement immediately. Self-regulation is the number one skill to helping children find academic success. We will discuss mindful parenting skills that can guide you from relying on external rewards and consequences, to self regulation. We will also discuss the benefits of meditation and experience the calming and relaxing feeling first-hand.

Th 7:00-9:00pm – Spring 2 sessions



Cheshire County Holistic Moms Network April Meeting: Parenting Holistically on a Budget

Sunday April 10 at 4pm I will be doing a talk at the holistic moms meeting!

Swing by if you are around, it will be fun!!!!

At the Keene Senior Center

70 Court Street, Keene, New Hampshire

Featuring Guest Speakers: Sustainibility Blogger and Homesteader Cursty Boober & Radiant Child Yoga Teacher Ditteke Ederveen. Eating organic, attending yoga classes, buying non-toxic cleaning and beauty products can be expensive. However, it is totally possible to live a natural and healthy life on a budget. This event will give you lots of ideas on how to live holistically without spending excess money. After the talk, a roundtable discussion will take place where participants will share holistic living budgeting tips.

5 week meditation course with Ditteke



Let’s relax and meditate is a 5 week course to connect to yourself and create bonds with like-minded people. We’ll use movement and stillness to bring our bodies in a more balanced and relaxed state and find more inner peace within. This class will reduce anxiety, relieve stress and create harmony inside your mind, body and soul.

Where? My place.
Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm for 5 Thursdays. Cost:$10/class.
You can join me for an intro on Thursday March 10, same time/place by donation.
Babies are welcome!
Need: diary, yoga mat and blanket/pillow.
Look forward to enjoying this journey with you:)
To stay in touch or to message me you can connect with me on Facebook:

Evening Meditation classes at my home

Hi Everyone,

I will be starting a meditation class at my home on Thursday evenings from 7 to 8:15pm starting in March 2016. Look forward to connecting and seeing everybody. What you will need: a yoga mat, a blanket ( so you stay warm when we lay down) plus pillow if you like. Wear comfortable clothing and let’s breathe! So excited. Park at the Symonds school parking where the main entrance is and walk over to my home through the garden. Grey tutor style home next too school:) Can’t wait!!! If you have any questions connect with me!

Mountain Meditation




Mountain Meditation—Imagine that you are a very large and beautiful mountain, the tallest mountain ever, solid, firmly fixed on a bed of rock. Take time to notice how that feels in you. As a mountain, notice all the meadows, forests and flowers that are on the mountain, also the rivers, waterfalls and streams that play on you as they flow to the sea. Notice how solid you are and how strong. As you look at yourself, notice the seasons as they change. Notice spring with its soft new green leaves peeking out from the earth, and from branches. Notice that you do not change. You remain big and strong as you reach up into the clouds and watch them come and go. The summer comes and goes as does the fall. Then winter with its white snow, covers you, but you do not change. You remain solid and firm as you reach into the clouds. Notice how it feels to be so solid, so firmly planted, so strong, so big. Feel the sense of strength that mountain feels. With all the changes around and on a mountain, it remains fixed, solid, and strong. Notice how it feels to be that mountain. Stay with that feeling and live it.—Gabrielle Lawrence, Ph.D.


Radiant Child yoga for kids with ADHD


I am very excited I completed my yoga training for kids with ADHD and learning disabilities with the Radiant child© yoga program. Here’s a picture with Shakta Khalsa and Allison Morgan. For more info go to:

My schedule at the YMCA:

Tuesday from 4:15pm-5:15pm Meditation

Wednesday from 4:15pm-5:15pm Family Yoga (kids all ages welcome plus parents)

In Spring and Fall go to the YMCA schedule online for my Meditation classes offered Thursday evenings from 7pm-9pm.

See you soon,


2016 tips for healing yourself:Connect and be patient with yourself

My friend Rachel Hughes who started Art Studio Miami has given me a lot of helpful advise in order to heal my body, mind and soul. We talk often and really get down to the causes of disease, mental and physical. I really cherish our friendship and am very thankful she’s in my life. Here are some tips that have helped me overcome a lot of my fears, wishing you all.




Step 1) BECOME AWARE – Take action and choose to seek self awareness, understanding of your thought forms, and how you are creating your life’s circumstances for good of bad. Learn to have faith in a Power Greater than ones self, that is the one original source god creator of truth and love that only wants us to have our best life of meaning & purpose. Ask for protection, ask for guidance, ask to become self aware so you know what you need to do for your own healing. Be kind to yourself. Eventually your healing journey can be a positive example for others.

Step 2) ATTITUDE GRATITUDE – Take action with your behavior and choose gratitude by focusing each day on the things that are going well. Track improvements and focus on the blessings in your life. Say “Thank you, More please”. After you have asked for protection, guidance and healing, wake each day walking in faith that you have received it and follow this up with a consciousness of daily gratitude. Writing in a daily gratitude journal can speed things up.

Step 3) FIND CAUSE – Take action and choose to find and define each level (in body, mind, soul) of root cause of the symptoms of illness being experienced, by going into protected prayer and meditation and asking that all distractions that are not of your best life fall away and that you be guided to the answers needed to support your body, mind, souls natural ability to heal itself. Ask at this time to be free of self pity that is not useful to your healing and instead ask to receive in love, the truth of your situation with knowledge, wisdom and understanding so you can forgive yourself of shortcomings and ask forgiveness from others when, regardless of intention, your shortcomings have harmed or hurt others.

BODY – Physical Causes

Part II: Body Burden Tests Reveal Toxic Chemicals Invading our Bodies

MIND – Mental / Emotional Causes

SOUL – Spiritual Causes
(Lack of Spiritual connection to our Higher Power, Source, Energetic Creator of truth and love and all that is)
The following links are sharing from a variety of beliefs and are not here to recommend any religion over another. We only recommend finding a reconnection to your creator.

Step 4) GUIDED RESEARCH – Take action and educate yourself, not just to what typical western M.D.’s might recommend, but to all forms of natural and integrative healing tools. If you are seeing a doctor who has not addressed root cause and has instead suggested prescriptions as the first line of attack to mask symptoms, you will probably experience more side effects and problems from taking this route. Instead feel in your heart if this is the right choice for you. Be clear in asking your higher power to provide you with clarity as you search for what is needed to create your personal healing protocol. Ask your higher power to guide you on the search path that is best for you to find the solutions, products, protocols, energy and nutritional medicine that is best for your healing.

Recommended ENEWS LETTERS for Healing:

Step 5) LISTEN & FEEL – Take action to be mindful, learn to breathe and learn how you can trust and quiet yourself and know how to access the internal communication you can have with your higher power. This practice raises your ability to know what is needed spiritually for your personal healing. Meditation is for listening, Prayer is for asking. Prayer is best effective once we have take time in protected meditation to be silent, calm, breath and listen to our higher power so we can begin to understand what to ask for in prayer. Developing this connection is how you can best learn the helpful tools of muscle / energy testing, for answers about what is best for creating your daily healing routine and a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Step 6) CREATE PROTOCOL – Take action as you find healing techniques that align with your desire to be balanced and well, organize this information into a daily schedule that works for you. When trying new healing tools practice using muscle / energy testing to sense what your needs are. Try new areas with faith, such as Meridian Tapping to acknowledge the problems, vent anger and frustration and state what you want to replace the challenges by tapping the meridian points to unblock areas in the body and aura where energies have become stuck.

Suggested Alternative Protocols: