May is Mindfulness month at the Keene Library in New Hampshire


Hi Everyone,

Happy to announce May is mindfulness month at the Keene library in NH. It all starts with a documentary shown on May 12 at 2pm called “Mindfulness: Be Happy Now.” Followed with a seven week “Family Yoga Story time with Mindfulness activities” class on Saturday’s from 10am to 11am. All ages are welcome.

I have seen this movie twice now and have really enjoyed the peacefulness it radiates. If you don’t know what mindfulness is or want to know more about it I highly recommend watching the documentary. My goal is to spread the knowledge of all that mindfulness has to offer: Peace within, less stress and anxiety, reducing inflammation in the body, increased focus…I can go on here for a while. I also created this Mindfulness and yoga program so everyone has the opportunity to experience it first hand.  Feeling  peacefulness flow through you as you follow your breath is very powerful. I never believed it myself until I started doing it as a morning practice together with my Kundalini yoga. In my twenties and thirties I have lived in a very superficial world of modeling and acting in Los Angeles and Miami. My self-esteem was based on what people thought of me, what I was wearing, how I was looking that day… all things on the outside. My thoughts were all messed up from:”Hope I look good, so they accept me” to even worse “I hate myself.” Mindfulness and yoga can give you amazing self-healing tools, with no medication, to become aware of what you are thinking and through that awareness start to move yourself in a more positive space.  So I hope to see you all and enjoy some rest and relaxation for your mind, body and soul.

With this new mindfulness knowledge and experience I ask you to sign the ad you will get in your child’s school folder (all elementary schools) and tell the schools you’re interested in Mindfulness for your children as part of the curriculum. My belief is that integrating mindfulness in your daily life as a family and at school is a prescription for happiness. Happiness is found on the inside and the more you get to know your thoughts and feelings through being still and present the better your life will be, emotionally as well as physically. I am very thankful for Gail, the librarian, who’s was open to making this mindfulness experience available to our town.

If you’d like me to give a talk at your school to the children or give an intro course feel free to connect:) I am always open to spreading mindfulness!


As usual I wish you well and may you experience an amazing  day!

You are more powerful than you think!






It’s Spring. Yeah!!! I am very excited that the weather is getting better, the sun is shining more often and hopefully it will warm up soon too. Spring is a time to feel refreshed and new, start cleaning your home and organizing your personal space. I already started with my closet and it feels very freeing. I also realized that I love teaching my gentle yoga classes and mindfulness so much that I’ve added a bunch of new classes for you all these upcoming months. Mindfulness is all about enjoying the present moment and taking the time to enjoy life with all of our senses. So I decided to do that with a glass of wine at the Summit Winery in Westmoreland. Every 2nd Thursday of the month, starting in April from 6-7pm we will enjoy a Yoga and Wine class. First class is on April 12th.

For more info on the winery:

Registration : https: //

Please bring your yoga mat and bottle of water for hydration

Location is:  The Summit Winery , 719 RT. 12, Westmoreland, NH 03467

I am very excited about this class as it combines two of my most favorite things in life!

Red wine has a lot of health benefits to consider: protects your heart, lowers your cholesterol, controls blood sugar, boosts your brain, and more…


So look forward to meditating at the end of class with a glass of wine your choice after our wine tasting earlier on in class. Class is $15 plus a glass of wine for $5.

It’s important to love yourself and take time for the things you enjoy, even if you have a crazy, busy day a 5 minute daily meditation can do wonders. I highly recommend it!

There are some great apps you can download for free to get you started: Calm, Headspace and Insight timer are my favorites. They have reminders set up so you’ll get a text when it is time to do your meditation.

Next on the schedule in April is my gentle yoga and mindfulness class at Heaven’s Hair Salon. This will be on Sundays from 10-11am. Our first class will be on April 15th. It’s a beautiful space and we’ll be enjoying a special drink to celebrate  Sunday mornings.

Class is $15, please bring your yoga mat and bottle of water for hydration


Location: 670 Park Ave, Keene, NH



For upcoming more intense courses for people who want to dedicate more time to understanding the workings of mindfulness I have an 8 week mindfulness course coming up at the YMCA on Friday evenings 6-7pm starting at the end of April.

This is it for now… more events coming up in May …I will let you know as soon as I have it on the schedule. For my usual times I am on the YMCA schedule with Mindfulness on Tuesdays 4:15-5:15pm and Family yoga on Wednesdays from 4:15-5:15pm and at the Art Studio, Wakadoodles in Keene Mindfulness is on Monday evening from 6-7pm and family yoga on Saturdays from 11:30-12:30. I also run the kids art and mindfulness program with Priya on Thursdays. Registration:

Looking forward to connecting with all of you,

Lots of Love and Light,







Mindfulness and Yoga for families

I recently am combining yoga with mindfulness skills in my classes for adults and families both at the YMCA and at the Art Studio, Wakadoodles in Keene.

Look at schedule for times on site and registration is on-line only at

Mindfulness and Yoga Mondays 6-7pm

In our class we will learn mindfulness tools that will help you:
– Cultivate a daily meditation practice that works best for you
– With a daily practice in place you will create more clarity and balance to enjoy your life more
– Create more self awareness and presence
– Connect to yourself in a more loving way
– Reduce your stress thereby respond calmly instead of react when things don’t go your way
– Create a sense of community with like-minded people
Class welcomes all levels, open to adults only
Mindfulness and Yoga Saturdays for Families   11:30-12:30pm
Jump into playful yoga poses through dance and music with Radiant Child yoga instructor Ditteke Ederveen-Gorman. Classes offer a unique blend that also introduces children to mindfulness tools which encourage positive social skills that connect children with their feelings.
Also available for private sessions, please e-mail me at
Lots of love,

Remembering who you are with Mindfulness


As we move into winter and get more comfortable accepting  the colder temperatures we tend to go more within. It’s a time to connect with yourself, family members and friends. Mindfulness has been a great tool for me to go within daily no matter what the season and notice my patterns: sometimes I have very loving thoughts and sometimes they are more self-destructive. This awareness has helped open my heart and look at life differently. When things don’t go my way and I get frustrated or annoyed I tend to think thoughts like: ” The universe has my back, I trust that this is happening for me and my family’s best interest” or “Something better is yet to come…don’t waist your time and energy, your life is meant to flow..all is well.” Now practicing daily, even if it’s for 5 minutes I feel this rush of energy go through me, a tickling near my 3rd eye and a sense of purpose and well-being. I also think more about the things I am thankful for, which is very fulfilling. As we move into a new year I look forward to sharing mindfulness with you and your families. Things in 2018 are all happening on the first week of every month at the Wakadoodles art studio in Keene: Monday mindful evening at the Wakadoodles Art studio in Keene from 6-7:00pm, 1st Saturday of the month Community Mindfulness (NEW) at the art studio from 10:00-11:00am, baby yoga from 11:30-12:30 and 1-2:00 afternoon mindfulness.  I will also be at the YMCA in Keene every Tuesday’s at 4:15pm-5:15pm.  We have our yearly vision board workshop this Saturday on December 2nd, 1-3pm. Register at : If you like to hire me for 7 weeks at work or at your home, I would love to share mindfulness with you. Please contact me on messenger on Facebook or at

Many blessings to you and your family,


I can’t believe it’s fall !!!

Hi everyone,

The weather is changing…cooler mornings and evenings, which I quite like. I am excited to go on some beautiful hikes this fall. My daughter Fiona is growing like a weed, she’s nearly one on September 21st and my son Parker started 3rd Grade. Crazy how time flies.

This month I am very happy to announce a creative mindfulness and kids yoga after school program for kindergarten to middle school kids at the art studio Wakadoodles in Keene, NH. To learn more and sign up go to: We have 5 week programs for kids as well as toddlers and adults. You will need: a yoga mat, pad to take notes and your beautiful self:)))

Besides that I will also still teach at the YMCA on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Look forward to connecting,




Introducing our Fall Line-up

WakaDooodles is proud to announce our 5 week programs for the 2017-18 School year.
Class sessions will begin September 11th. Sign up now at

  • Baby Yoga
  • Drop-In Studio
  • Mindful Adult Classes
  • Mindful Yoga & Art for kids
  • Wakadoodles After School Art
  • Adult Paint/Craft & Sip Nights and more!

Mindfulness this Summer at Wakadoodles studio in Keene, NH


Hi Everybody,

I will be teaching Mindfulness this Summer at the Wakadoodles Art Studio at 305 Park Ave in Keene, NH. Look forward to seeing everyone! See schedule below for details.

Enjoy the day,



Mindfulness & Yoga Classes

by Mindfulness Coach & Radiant Child® Yoga teacher Ditteke Ederveen-Gorman


Classes will be held the first 2 Mondays and Tuesdays of June, July and every Monday and Tuesday in August

Classes are $20 each if pre-paid; Walk-ins are $25

Private coaching: $75/hour


What you will need: water, a small notebook, a yoga mat and your wonderful self!


Mindful Monday evenings ~ 6-7:30pm

Mindful Tuesday mornings ~ 9-10:30am


This class is open to anyone who would like to build a more mindful life, whether it’s in the home, classroom or with your friends and family. Living a more mindful life helps you feel better on the inside and creates a more peaceful, productive and fulfilling life. To become more mindful we first need to experience it, most of our class will be dedicated to feeling calm, relaxed and happy on the inside through movements and following our breath. At the end we will discuss problem solving techniques and how to implement them into our daily lives.


Mindful Tuesday

Mommy & Baby yoga class ~ 10:30-11:30am


This is a nurturing mindful yoga class for mothers and their infants up to 3 years old. Grab your yoga mat and child and enjoy an hour of reconnecting your body and mind to create inner peace. We will relax and stretch into yoga poses as we connect and enjoy meaningful interactions with our children. At the end we will discuss how to implement mindfulness in our daily lives and be in the present with our family.



For more info about Ditteke go to:

Please contact Ditteke Ederveen-Gorman at 305-877-2603 or email at to register.

Article in Keene Sentinel on Mindfulness

For Ederveen-Gorman, a deep breath makes all the difference

Ditteke Ederveen-Gorman sat at the front of the room with her legs crossed and her eyes closed.

Her 2-month-old infant, Fiona, was lying on a mat next to her.

Occasionally, Ederveen-Gorman picked Fiona up and cradled her between her knees as she led her six students in breathing exercises.

Before her, the students sat on yoga mats with their hands on their stomachs to “notice” and focus on the breath going in and out of their bodies.

“Noticing is a great skill to have,” she said to the class. “Noticing positive things instead of negative things.”

In her weekly mindfulness class at the Keene Family YMCA, Ederveen-Gorman, 43, said she strives to help her students become more centered and grounded.

Mindfulness, she explained, is the practice of living in the moment and not being consumed by thoughts about the past or future.

She helps her students achieve this by leading them through breathing exercises as well as stretches and movements.

But YMCA members aren’t Ederveen-Gorman’s only pupils.

Since September, the Keene resident has been teaching mindfulness to children at Keene’s Fuller School.

Every other week, she said, she spends 15 minutes in 14 of the school’s 18 classrooms.

She teaches students about breathing techniques and movements to help them improve their focus and deal with frustration and anxiety.

Throughout the country, the use of mindfulness techniques in schools is becoming increasingly common.

A public school in Baltimore recently began teaching breathing techniques to “disruptive” students in lieu of punishing them, according to an article in Newsweek.

A California-based company, Mindful Schools, has trained schools in 48 states and 43 countries in meditative practices and other techniques, the article said.

Someday, Ederveen-Gorman hopes she’ll be able to bring her techniques to classrooms in all of the Monadnock Region’s schools; already, she said, she’s talking with officials at the Marlborough School about leading classes there next year.

Ederveen-Gorman often thinks back to the first time she discovered the difference taking a deep breath can make.

While in elementary school, she was taking a math test when her nerves got the best of her.

Even though she had spent days studying for the exam, when she started to take it, her mind went “blank.”

Half an hour into the test, her teacher came over to her and told her to breathe.

“And as soon as I started doing that, I could remember things again,” she said.

Although people of all ages can benefit from mindfulness techniques, she said teaching them to individuals at a young age can help them throughout their lives.

Ederveen-Gorman said she wishes she had known about mindfulness as a child.

“If I only had the skills, if only I knew that when I feel this kind of tightness in my chest and when I feel … angry or sad or whatever … how helpful would that have been,” she said.

Ederveen-Gorman grew up in Utrecht, a city in the Netherlands, but moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to pursue a career as an actress.

She studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and also received a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of California, Los Angeles.

While searching and auditioning for acting gigs, Ederveen-Gorman took up modeling as well as other jobs, including at a restaurant and a club.

Eventually, modeling became a career focus and something she has continued; although it is no longer her priority, she still occasionally takes modeling jobs when they’re offered to her.

Ederveen-Gorman first learned about mindfulness techniques in Los Angeles when she became an avid yoga practitioner. Much of what she teaches her students about composure and breathing comes from her knowledge of yoga.

After spending 12 years in Los Angeles, Ederveen-Gorman moved to Miami, where she lived for eight years and continued to model. She also worked as a concierge in the city’s five-star Setai hotel.

She characterized her life during this period as unpredictable, but this made it thrilling.

“I was never bored because there were always new people. It’s exciting,” she said.

She moved to Keene in 2013, planning to attend Antioch University New England’s Waldorf Teacher Education program.

She was accepted, and while searching for apartments, she met her future husband, Josh Gorman, a real estate professional. Four months later they were married. This year, the couple had their first baby, Fiona. She also has a son, Parker, who is 7.

Ederveen-Gorman finished more than a semester of the teaching program at Antioch, but didn’t end up completing it.

After settling into Keene, Ederveen-Gorman realized she wanted to focus on teaching mindfulness — and not only at Waldorf schools, where she would have been certified to teach if she’d completed the program.

“I said …’Why do I want to help certain kids? I want to help every kid,’ ” she explained.

So she decided to teach mindfulness in public schools.

Emily Hartshorne, principal of the Fuller School, said Ederveen-Gorman’s mindfulness techniques are catching on in many of the school’s classrooms. Teachers are beginning to use them with students daily, even without Ederveen-Gorman’s presence. And many students are regularly requesting them.

“They like the fact that they feel calm. They like the fact that they have this … quiet time in their day when they can get more focus and be more centered,” she said.

Hartshorne also complimented Ederveen-Gorman’s teaching style.

“She definitely commands a presence, but in a very calm and gentle way,”

Ederveen-Gorman said she hopes mindfulness will catch on not only in the Monadnock Region, but in schools and businesses throughout the country.

“Think about how your life would change if every school had this … every company had this,” she said. “It would be a more peaceful world instead of screaming and shouting.”