Mindfulness in the public school system


I am very excited to start my mindfulness program in the public school system in Keene this year. It’s been a goal of mine for the past years to implement a mindful program for students as well as teachers and it’s happening now! We’ll be breathing, connecting and getting our brains in an optimal state for learning. I will also offer an 8 week course for teachers next year who would like to get a deeper knowledge and integrate the whole program in their class. I will keep you all up to date on when and where:)))

The other exciting news is that I will also be delivering my daughter Fiona at the end of September, which I am very excited about! I have not been writing as much in my blog as I have been focussed on my pregnancy and my program…but all is well. Just lots of good stuff happening all at once!

I have 2 of my wonderful co-workers at the YMCA: Ginnete and Priya who will be taking over my meditation and family yoga classes, while I will be away on my 2 month maternity leave.

As always,

Wishing you all well,


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