Food and mindfulness


Hope you are all enjoying your summer! It’s nice and warm in NH, which I am happy to report. I am enjoying the water wholes and the sun’s ray’s when I can. I love all the beautiful flowers around us, it’s so inspiring to be around all these vibrant colors.

I am also offering “Meditation and Mindful parenting” at the Y this fall. Session starts September 8th. If you are at all interested in mindfulness, meditation and knowing some helpful ways to communicate mindfully with your children, I highly recommend it. Class time is 7-9pm on Thursday evenings for 8 weeks. Here’s a brief explanation : This workshop is designed to gain insight on how our state of mind affects our behaviors, understand the benefits of a love-based discipline, the negative effects of fear based discipline, and leave with parenting techniques you can implement immediately. I will also introduce various meditation techniques on how to stay in the moment and life your best life. Fun stuff! You can sign up starting August 10th at the YMCA in Keene.

Last but not least I wanted to share an amazing cookbook with you all that I absolutely love:” Clean Eats” by Alejandro Junger. As you become more mindful you will feel less inclined to eat junk and more inclined to eat healthy. Healthy recipes are not always the yummiest, however this cookbook has it all! It’s jummy and healthy, which is rare in my experience to find! My whole family has loved every single recipe I’ve made from this book. So here’s to your health and enjoy cooking!

I look forward to connecting with you all soon,

Have a beautiful day and enjoy the sun!

Wishing you all well from my heart to yours,


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