I’ve been talking a lot about intentions in class. Here’s why:

Success is an everyday in the moment living reality. Every choice is an opportunity for success. You know by now that you are by the choices you make. Every choice defines you. Every choice gives you a chance to pave your own road, create your course to create your life. Right now you are one choice away from a new beginning. The universal law I believe most passionately in is law of intention. Every choice begins with an intention. Your intentions create your thoughts. Your thoughts create your choices. Your choices create your life. When you get that you get just about everything. You have a right to choose what’s best for you and every moment of your life. So listen to yourself and know that this comes from your most fearless, your most optimistic, and your fully awakened self. It will be a choice that inevitably moves you toward success.

Thank you Deepak Chopra for this great advice!

Here are some intentions I would like to share with you from my dear friend Michelle Blechner, who’s been an inspiration in my life and made me belief that anything is possible if you just believe:

Today and all the days to come, I choose

1-To be inspired and inspirational

2-to believe and manifest miracles

3-my connection as my best companion

4-to practice what I preach, to walk the walk and not watch the clock

5-to be open to receive and eager to give in perfect balance and total harmony with the abundance of the Universe

6-to be a deliberate creator, I choose to consciously flow energy in the direction of my desires.

7-to be healthy, to feel energetic, to think happy thoughts and radiate well being.

8-To Mindfully practice, focus and integrate the wonderful teachings coming my way.

9-To dream big and manifest beyond my wildest dreams.

10-To be a beacon of light, to reflect a Source and radiate love.

11- No matter what I am, no matter what I do or what is done to me, no matter what I hear, no matter what I see, I choose to open my heart and love unconditionally.

12- To be a visionary. I choose to focus on my vision, stay attuned to my vibration and appreciate the manifestation.

13-To live in gratitude of what was, in appreciation of what is and in joyous expectation of what’s coming.

14- To relax in the knowing that all is well. I choose to feel free to be me and let others to be free to be them.

15-to live fully, to laugh a lot and to love it all.

16- to speak the language of the Universe and see with the eyes of Source

17-to walk the path, follow the signs and trust that the outcome will be serving the highest good

18-to honor my ancestors to revere the life I have been given and to contribute to the future of my lineage to the best of my abilities

19-to receive information through intuitive channels, know the difference and follow guidance

20-to focus on a healthy body, a peaceful mind and a free spirit.

21- to speak the truth, to take nothing personally, never assume anything and to always do my best.

22-No matter where I am. No matter what I do, no matter whom I am doing it with, I will look for and find reasons to feel good, for my dominant intent is to be happy

23- I know the Truth as Love, I recongnize the illusions as Fears, and I choose love.

24- I let go of hope for trust, I let go of doubt for faith, I let go of control for surrender. Today and forever I choose miracles.

25-to celebrate life in the same wonderful way than a child on Christmas day

26- I choose my words

27-to be an Awesome, Amazing being.

28-I am conscious of self love, I care for myself and my home, I choose to look at discipline with love.

29-With great love and respect, I let go of what is not serving me anymore and I welcome the new with great excitement.

30- To make it special, to do something unusual. To tell a friend something silly, to smile to a stranger, or wave randomly… Today I choose to consciously make someone happy.

31- To know I AM AN ETERNAL BEING. There is no end only new beginnings. Whatever changes I experience, I just keep moving and therefore growing.

32- To be grateful. To welcome every year my journey takes me in, celebrate each movement my soul is having.

33- Healthy, harmony andhappy, knowing that the Univeres is giving me plenty.

34-To shine, tthrive and radiate. I choose to be Source and feel my llife force an generously share myself with the world.

35- I know that I have options: I choose:joy over sorrow, Wellbeing over pain, abundance over scarcity, compassion over resentment, and most of all I CHOOSE LIFE OVER FEAR.

36- To totally commit, with the assistance and guidance from the Universe, to all co-creations I am inspired to, for the benefit of my soul purpose.

37- To stay out of the way, so all my wishes and desires can manifest, while I am out to play.

38- to close my eyes, to take a step back, to take a deep breath, and when I open my eyes to have complete clarity and understanding. In total appreciation

39-to see everyone and everything, including myself, as Source sees me. In so doing, I honor Source and the Source in me.

40- to focus on my vision, nurture my passion, practice with determination and appreciate manifestation.

41- To dare, I choose to speak up, I choose to claim peace.

42-to stand for Unity, I choose human rights to be respected and to keep my focus on fraternity.

43- to recognize my connection with the Universe and honor it. I choose to be grateful for it and appreciate the ability it gives me to consciously benefit from the practice of Universal laws.

44- to be serene, to feel confident, to believe in the power of spirit. Today and all the days to come, I forever see ONLY love.

Look forward to our class tonight!



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