Mindful Breathing


“The breath is simply a means of befriending this deep capacity of the heart and mind…Without judging, condemning or forcing, come back to this moment, this breath; each breath a new beginning: each out breath a letting go; no agenda; just this moment, this breath, outside of time; timeless.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD

I really love this quote. Its all about being in the moment. Just with 10 minutes a day you can strengthen the positive feelings in your prefrontal cortex and diminish the part that generates negative ones. This is all so amazing! We all encounter challenging moments in our life, but we are here to learn and how we respond in life is our choice. I realized that when things get tough it’s best to breath, walk away and take a moment for ourselves, so we can accuratly asses the situation. This is one lesson I had to learn over and over again. So instead of reacting, take a breath, recollect your thoughts and find that inner stillness. If you disagree with someone’s opion and react, you just give power to the illussions people create in their own reality. It does not have to be part of yours. Make a decision and keep the drama outside your life. It does not need to be a part of you unless you chose to belief the illusions around you. Another way to respond is to listen to the other person. Just let them have the platform. I realized that when defending yourself you are defending the illusion. You are keeping the illusion alive. Not responding gives you more power believe it or not! Allow what needs to come up and let the universe take care of the rest. Peace out:)

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