In class we do guided meditations with the families. I use the meditations thru storytelling on the website: So far our beautiful meditations have included: the bluebird, rainbows and your best friend is you. There are no rights and wrongs when we mediate, no judgements, everybody will get what they need out of the practise. You are perfect just the way you are. When your child has a hard time staying quite or just wants to listen, that’s ok. Some children prefer to move more, so if you notice that take them to the park or a walk in the forest. We are all here to learn. It is my wish that you all feel relaxed, joyful and connect with the peacefulness that you are. I recently started a 21 day meditation on-line. For those parents that are interested in broading their horizons in the field of mediation the website is: Also Gabrielle Berstein has a great view on people who don’t think they have the time to meditate:) (paste and copy link into browser)

Wishing you all a beautiful summer full of joy.
P.S there will be no class next week (August 16), since I will be out of town. Our last make-up class this summer will be August 23.

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