What are the Conscious Discipline® Activities I use in my family yoga class ?

These are fun activities for parents and children to:

– Boost brain potential

– Encourage cooperation and caring

– Promote learning and Literacy

– Increase attention and decrease power struggles

– Build bonds of unconditional love

My hero in the search for answers on how to raise  children with  behavior dificulties is Becky A. Bailey, Ph.D. ( and when I say this I have realized over time that it’s never the child with the problem but more than likely yourself! Best to look in the mirror and figure out your own issues and how they impact the children instead of blaming them) Anyway, going back to Becky, she’s the author of “Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline” and “I love you rituals.” I have attended several seminars of hers and her collegues to understand  how to interact with children  in a power struggle. They have been very helpful and insightfull to say the least.  For more info go to: http://consciousdiscipline.com

I will be using “I love you rituals” in my family yoga class and my Conscious Discipline® Greeting board. Loving, healthy rituals foster emotionally healthy children. They are games and interactions that parents can play with children from infancy through eight years old. They send messages of  UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE=LOVE.

I look forward to starting my summer session here in Keene, NH at the YMCA!

Becky Baily and me in Orlando, FL CD 1

   Becky Bailey and me in Orlando,FL at CD1

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