Why I am teaching yoga “movement thru storytelling” for kids?

Movement is healthy for you! Every time I workout at the gym I sleep better, feel better and am happier. There are all kinds of movement you can do every day; whether its walking in the forest, taking a cross fit class at the gym or simply just running after your toddler all day. I even include cleaning the house as a workout, since it makes it more fun! CLEANING=ORGANIZATION=CLEAR MIND=BETTER DECISION MAKING. Yoga for me brings in a spiritual element that unites all the different aspects of a human: the spiritual, physical and mental. When aligning and balancing yourself through movement you become more connected to yourself and are more connected with your life purpose. In class we move into playful yoga poses using visualization, storytelling, music, meditation and end each class with singing a good-bye song: ” The longtime sun”.

It is my intention to inspire open heartfelt communication to our natural wisdom and spread that self love to our loved ones so we may all create a peaceful and joyful family life. Every child is great, so let’s make sure they become aware of their inner greatness, so they may think outside the box and live in harmony!

I am creating an abundance of love, peacefulness and joy within myself right now.

Sending you blessings of Love and Joy

Ditteke Ederveen-Gorman



Me teaching yoga in my first pre-school in Miami’s Skipping Stones.

I love it!

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